The Granddaughters Who Saved Christmas

Taylor (right) and Brooke

Their names are Taylor and Brooke, and they are the granddaughters who saved Christmas.

It was the mid-90s, and, with our youngest off to college, Charlotte and I became empty nesters, which we enjoyed immensely. At first.

Parents of five don’t get much time alone, not many meals out, not a lot of weekend getaways. So we enjoyed the change.

Until our first Christmas. Alone.

I wrote about the experience in a newspaper column. Reading it  now, I realize my words expressed both joy and sadness.

Because Christmas isn’t Christmas without children.

Then, in 2001, Jon and Holly moved back to Canyon, and with them came Taylor and Brooke, preschoolers at the time, but, just the same, enthusiastic helpers when Mimi and Mike decorated the house for Christmas.

Which is what the girls (now 11 and 13) helped us do yesterday.

I’m still smiling.

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