Savoring the Moment: A Sermon for Me

Today, I handed back Essay #1. Next week, they’ll give me Essay #2. Two weeks later, they’ll take the midterm. And the week after is Spring Break.


What is it about being busy that makes time speed up? Einstein had it partly right: Time not only is relative to the speed of light, but to the speed of life.

Which is a scary thought. Busyness can shorten time. Like clicking the fast-forward icon when playing a good movie, one gets to the end, but at the expense of enjoying his favorite scenes.

I believe in the power of the present over the future. If I’m not being honest and kind now, I’m unlikely to develop these qualities suddenly in my future. And if I can’t learn to savor the moment in this present busyness, I’m unlikely to do so in a less hectic retirement.

Enough said.

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