Letting Go (2016)

I wrote on the subject before. It was nearly 30 years ago, shortly after our eldest child left home.

I said that while letting go was not easy, it was necessary. Children won’t stay young forever and treating them as such helps neither them nor us.

And I said that letting go leads to gain as well as loss. While I had “lost my little girl who lived at home and depended on her daddy, I gained a self-confident young lady who could make her way in the world.”

And, finally, I said that holding on to things lost will not bring them back, but will only blind us to new gifts yet unnoticed.

It wasn’t coincidence that I found my new career as a teacher shortly after my children left home.

And, while leaving AC is hard, it won’t be coincidence next month or next year when I discover the new calling God has for me.

***You can read my former newspaper column here.

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