Welcome to the Journey

When I climb Wheeler Peak (as I have every summer in recent years), I experience two emotional highs. The first comes when I see the mountains; I guess it’s the memories of adventures-past and the thrill of once again pitting myself against the peak. The second follows, after the summit, when I’m overcome with a sense of accomplishment, and looking forward to a hot shower, good meal and well-earned rest with my hiking buddies.

On this my first official day of retirement, my feelings are more like the first. I’m not overly excited about sleeping in on Mondays (although I can now). I’m more taken with thoughts of a new challenge, a peak to climb if you will, with unfamiliar trails, unknown demands (physical, mental, maybe even spiritual), and, of course, unrealized dreams.

And I have so many—dreams that is. You’ll hear about them and you’ll experience the ups and downs of retirement—at least the first 60 days or so. Because, through this blog, I intend to take you along.

It’ll be therapeutic (I see things more clearly when I write them down), and, besides, my pleasure in hiking is always multiplied by the number of friends who share the journey.

I hope you enjoy.

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