The Joy of Work

Retirement Myth #2: Retirees won’t be as happy if they work.

If you’d asked me 20 years ago, I would have agreed with this myth. Isn’t that what retirement is? Not working.

But the statement defines work too narrowly. It doesn’t include regular chores (like housework or lawn care) which studies show nine of 10 retirees do. Also, the myth doesn’t mention volunteering, in which one of three retirees participate.

Also, this myth would brand the majority of today’s retirees as unhappy since statistics show social security (with an average monthly check of $1,200) and savings (a majority of Americans over 50 have less than 30K) alone aren’t enough to pay the bills.

However, the most important reason to deny the myth is that increasing numbers of retirees who do not have to work (they have the funds) do work. The research is still largely anecdotal, but it seems there is pleasure in meaningful work, a joy too good to give up just because one is retired.

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