Joe, Ray and Gerry, Tomasita’s 2011
Ate at Tomasita’s last night, my favorite Mexican place in Santa Fe, New Mexico; heck, Tomasita’s is my favorite restaurant anywhere.

Had the Tuesday special: a crispy taco, blue corn chicken enchilada (covered in green chili sauce) and a chili relleno (with the one-of-a-kind New Mexico red sauce). Yep, rice and beans, too. (By the way, at Tomasita’s, one can order the Tuesday special on Wednesday.)

We sat at the same table my friends Joe, Ray and Gerry had occupied in 2011. We were on our way to a four-day trail ride in the Pecos wilderness.

Three years later, my brothers joined me at this table. Craig had flown from Omaha; Bob drove from Lubbock.

Just behind us was a long table where they sit big groups. I sat here with the Amarillo College Finishers in 2015 (we sponsors took this student support group to Tomasita’s because we believed in them and wanted to show it by treating them to the best).

Across from us was the outdoor patio where Charlotte and I have dined with a number of friends (Shelton, Linda, Stuart, Cindy, Steve, Lori, John, Sally, Byron, Pam, Les, Betty, Michael, Crystal—I know I’m leaving someone out).

Here’s the point: If you’re my friend, chances are one day you will end up with me at Tomasita’s. Because, for me, good food and good friends go together.

Hmmm, I need to turn this into a retirement goal.

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  1. Some of my best memories… eating with you and Charlotte…John and Sally at Tomasitas…it’s time to go again..soon!!

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