Stained Waters

I can’t avoid it any longer. I know you want to know about my first fly fishing trip.

Well, I can say with certainty I visited the best place NOT to catch fish in all of Colorado. But that wouldn’t be the whole truth. My buddies caught some fish, but not me.

Evidently, the waters were “stained.” Yeah, sounds like something one could fix with Comet cleanser. Anyway, it seems the fish can’t see flies in stained water.

But the scenery was fabulous. The headwaters of the Arkansas are framed by the snow-capped, Collegiate peaks, some of the highest in Colorado. Was hard to keep my eye on the fly (one has to see it go under so he can hook the trout who is smarter than the more naive fish in West Texas).

I kept thinking of that time in the Gospels where, after an unsuccessful night of fishing, Jesus showed up and told the discouraged disciples where the fish were: “Cast your net on the right-hand side of the boat” (John 21:6). And the disciples hauled in enough fish to—let’s just say if a Colorado fish and game guy had come by, they would have been in a heap of trouble.

By the way, if you fish with a net, I don’t think it hurts to have stained water.

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