Opportunity Cost

My friend Steve the Economics Prof calls it “opportunity cost”—the value of what you could be doing if you weren’t doing what you’re now doing. Clear?

Opportunity cost is what made me miserable during the first months of retirement. I missed the students (a lot), I missed the familiar schedule and I missed a budget that had more wiggle-room.

Opportunity cost also is why I’m glad I made the change. Today and tomorrow, I will hang out with family—on weekdays! This morning I will take a long bike ride (more flexibility to do that now). And this weekend, I will send my final book copy to the designer.

It’s funny; writing teachers have a hard time writing. There’s too much grading to take on a work that requires a whole day of research, or a month, or several years like my current project.

So, although I miss the old days, I wouldn’t go back.

Robert Frost called it the “Road Not Taken.” Why change directions when the path you’re on is “making all the difference”?

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