Book Cover Contest

You’re looking at the cover of my new book, which, hopefully, will be released soon. For today’s blog, I propose a contest. Assuming this gal is at or near retirement, who is she, and where is she going?

You can be serious or a little crazy–most of my FB friends are 🙂

There will be a prize. So liking one or more of your peers’ ideas will count as a vote. And you can put your response on Facebook, or my blog site, or both. Finally, you can submit up to three ideas, each in a separate post.

Let’s have fun with this. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Book Cover Contest

  1. Wistful was the word returning to Elise’s mind. She was haunted by all that had not been in her life and now, where had she landed? Was retirement the end or could it be the beginning of the life she’d been afraid to pursue? One thing Elise did not want was to lie in her grave with undone things.

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