Book Signing Drama

Now that the book signing is over, I’ll let you in on a secret. Half a week ago it looked like there would be no books to sign.

Evidently, Hurricane Dorian interrupted service at the Amazon distribution center in Charleston, SC where my books were printed. When I ordered two weeks ago, my delivery date was Wednesday, September 11, plenty early for the signing on the 14th.

But when I checked on the status a couple of days later, the date had been moved to the 16th.

Not good!

So I chose a faster shipping method and got the delivery date back to September 11. However, the order status on the night of September 10 said the books still had not shipped.

Double not good!

Talked that night to a couple of Amazon reps who assured me they would arrive as planned on Wednesday.

I started thinking about signing index cards.

Long story short, the boxes (3 of them) finally left Charleston about noon on the 11th. When I woke on Thursday, they had arrived in Lubbock (huge relief), and they were on my porch west of Canyon by 1:30 p.m.


By the way, we had a good crowd (even though my friend Eugene pointed out there were more people in line for peaches at the Farmers Market across the street). Thanks for showing up.

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