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Coming in 2010 to Videos, several of them. Talked with Tim Stevens yesterday, a young man barely out of high school who has been making his own films for some time now. Tim’s goal is to enroll at the University of Texas on the way to a career in his favorite pastime.

But for the next several weeks, he will be shooting footage for us. Of what? I want Youtube video of author interviews, reader comments and public appearances/talks. All will be short and accessible with a mouse click from the Fortis Press site.

Also, hope to get the webcast thing going and, later on, a professional looking book trailer. Our hope is to further the goal I’ve already told you about in these entries: using Internet technologies, including Facebook, email, the website and this blog to promote the book.

You can help by sharing these with friends when they come out. Also, if you’ve not yet read I Saw Jesus This Morning, send me your snail mail, and I’ll get you a free copy (

OK, enough biniss (sic). Tomorrow, I’ll share some of the things we’ve been doing with the fam for Christmas.

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