The End of a Decade

One advantage of age (and there are some advantages of age) is perspective. We are less than a week away from a new year and, more importantly, a new decade. And I’m thinking about other ends of decades.

I was born at the end of a decade, in 1949 when Harry Truman was president and the U.S was on the verge of a population and economic boom. In 1959 I was in Mrs. Jones 5th grade class and at the pinnacle of a somewhat ideal childhood. The teen years would be much harder.

In 1969, I had just celebrated one year of marriage. In ’79 I was in my second year directing Hidden Falls Ranch. In ’89, I was nearing the end of my career as a pastor.

Ten years ago (1999), I had completed my first semester teaching at Amarillo College.

What perspective do these memories give for entering the 2010’s?

Maybe the biggest thing is, and this will sound like a cliché, the only certain thing in life seems to be uncertainty. In only one (1999) of those penultimate years did I have a clue what I would be doing at the end of the decade.

Makes me think that the best planning (other than for things like life insurance and savings) is short-term. Also tells me that flexibility and adaptability, along with perseverance are what counts.

Finally, the next best thing to knowing the future is to know the One who knows the future. Maybe the Apostle Paul said it best: “For I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day” (II Timothy 1:12b).

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