To Little America with Byrd

I like cold weather. Didn’t say I like being cold – you have to dress for it – but my adrenaline soars when the thermometer plunges, and, if there’s some snow along with it, that’s even better.

When I was growing up, I liked nothing better than playing outside in the aftermath of a Panhandle snow storm, unless, of course, it was skiing on the frozen slopes at Red River. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s the man against nature thing. Young boys like trudging through virgin snow drifts for the same reason I now like climbing mountain peaks in the summer. It’s a challenge.

During the blizzard of ’57, my buddies and I imagined we were on our way to Little America with Byrd. Admiral Richard Byrd was the first American to visit the South Pole, and Little America was the name he gave his base camp. In 1933, on Byrd’s second expedition, he had taken along Joseph Hill Jr., son of West Texas State College president, Joseph Hill.

Since the college was in Canyon, and since Dr. Hill still lived here in the ’50s, we figured that made us co-explorers, or, at least, potential co-explorers.

Who knew? Maybe the admiral would give us a call. 😉

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