A New Year’s Resolution

Spent some time last night reading New Year resolutions from a newspaper column I wrote in 1999. Had prefaced my words with an admission: I don’t like NY resolutions because I seldom keep them. They just add to my guilt and I already have plenty of that.

Wrote another New Year column in 2000 where I proved my premise. Had kept only 31% of the prior year’s promises to me. Actually, I was pretty happy with that number. But, then, it’s not all that hard to renew contact with an old friend or spend at least one hour a day out of doors.

So what am I doing contemplating resolutions for 2010? I guess I’m a dreamer, and dreamers dream, even if they don’t always (OK; rarely) come true.

Did learn one thing from those failed resolutions. I made too many, 26 to be exact.┬áSo this year there’s just one. OK, there’s just one I’m going to write down so you can check up on me.

Resolved – In 2010 I will explore the U.S. I’ll take several excursions, most will be short, and I’ll try to get off the main road.

It’ll be fun. And it’ll give me some subjects for this blog. Wish me luck. Or will power. Or both.

Here’s my columns from New Years’ past in case you want to take a look: New Years 1999, New Years 2000.

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