Daily Bread

“Give us this day our daily bread.” I would have asked for more: “Give us this day groceries for the week.”

Because I’m a planner. I don’t like uncertainty. Don’t like the pressure it brings. Don’t like the anxiety, the worry.

It’s a neat story, the feeding of the 5,000, but, if I had been in charge, I would have flipped out. “What’d you mean you forgot to get a caterer, Peter?” “Make a note, Andrew. Next time plan for ALL contingencies.”

But then, there would have been no miracle. No little boy to teach us the power of giving. No chance for God to show he can provide even in a desert.

Maybe Jesus prayed for “daily bread” because he wanted to teach us most of life has to be lived in the moment. It can’t be planned because it can’t be anticipated. In much of life we’ll have to improvise, to perform under the pressures of time and uncertainty, to trust God for daily bread.

Some things can’t be stored (like extra food if you’re out of work or an itinerant missionary like Jesus). Other things shouldn’t be stored.

Like the manna in the wilderness that had to be eaten the day it fell from heaven. You had to consume it that day or it would rot. Seems some things will lose both their taste and nourishment if we save them.

Examples? How about fresh, timely, kind words for others; or spontaneous moments with people we love; or daily times of prayer and Bible reading.

Or, just maybe, thoughts for a daily blog. 🙂

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