Is Success a Moving Target?

Placed a lot of books in people’s hands this week and am anxious to know how they respond. Of course, I may never know. Been writing long enough to know that you hear from only a small minority of your readers.

I’ve heard other authors say they write for themselves. They are their primary audience, and, if they are satisfied with the results, that’s all that matters. I don’t believe them. 😉

Of course authors want feedback. We write to be read. We are successful if we are read. And until we know such, we are anxious. It’s the nature of the beast.

Problem is, at least for me, I have a short memory. Even when I get good comments – and I’ve already had a bunch with this book, much more than I deserve – I still worry about what the next reader will say. Still don’t feel successful until I know.

Today, I’m wondering if it’s just the way some professions are. A salesperson once told me he wakes up every morning unemployed. Could have been a great day yesterday, but today he has to prove himself all over again? Is it the same for entertainers, artists, authors?

Seems that, for some of us, success is a moving target, always just a little ahead of us? And the scary thing is we are the ones moving the target.

Hmm. Would love to hear your opinion on this one.

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