The Night I Fought Petey Hacker: Part II

Please start with Part I and read in sequence.
During my teen years, the most serious fighters in Canyon were the Hackers (not their real name). Frank Hacker was the leader and the toughest of the bunch. I had seen him win boxing matches in local competitions, but his reputation was as a street fighter.

Frank was both fearless and ruthless, meaning his opponent’s face was normally reduced to a bloody mess, enough to discourage others from wanting some of the same.

In another world, Frank’s younger brother Billy Mac and I might have been friends. Yes, he had an in-your-face attitude and a mouth to match, but he also was funny and strangely likeable.

If I read about him in a novel, I would consider Billy Mac a sympathetic character, his rebellion justified by the hard knocks that came from growing up economically and socially disadvantaged, thus, outside the in-group in a town like Canyon.

And, since I was a part of that in-group, we were bound to clash.

Tomorrow: Part III, Petey Picks a Fight

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