On Longing

Been doing a lot of longing lately: for the mountains, for adventures, for books – some I want to read; some, to write.

I think longing is a good thing, placed in our hearts by a God who loves to give what is good to those who ask Him. Of course, we can possess inappropriate longings – like wanting to be rich or famous.

But even these desires are not so much wrong as they are misguided. When I long to be famous, I’m really longing for glory, which Jesus says will happen, only glory is something quite different, and much better, than fame.

Back to longing. The mere presence of it should give us hope. For God promises the desires of one’s heart to the person who delights in Him. So, I say, if you long for it, go for it, as long as you can do so with a spirit of love and faith.

And don’t forget that the Bible also says God has set eternity in our hearts, which means that our deepest and greatest longings are not for this earth. Their fulfillment is what makes heaven so attractive. 🙂

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