Who Are Your Heroes?

Author/theologian Udo Middlemann says that heroes shape our identity. We gain our sense of who we are and how successful we are by our heroes. If we can imitate these people, we feel honor; if we can’t, we experience shame.

That’s why it’s important to choose one’s heroes carefully. If your models are heroic because they’re super (pick one) wealthy or beautiful or, worse still, famous, then you condemn yourself to a life of frustration and shame. You’ll never measure up.

If, on the other hand, your heroes are (pick several) brave, self-sacrificing, hard-working, compassionate, honest, fair, friendly, loyal, teachable, optimistic, and encouraging, then you’ve chosen things you can actually model.

Will still be hard – that’s what heroes do for us – make us reach higher than we thought possible – but there’s honor there – there’s glory there – in the striving.

Question: I’d like to know who your heroes are. You can comment here or on FB.

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