My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Borrowing a line from Willie Nelson, “My heroes have always been cowboys.” Well, almost. I should say my hero list starts with cowboys. Here it is:

Cowboys: Mostly from ’50s and ’60s movies and TV: Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, the Cisco Kid, the Rifleman, Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke, the Bonanza boys, every member of the Magnificent Seven, every cowboy played by John Wayne, especially Rooster Cogburn and Big Jake

Patriots of the American Revolution: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Thomas Paine, John Paul Jones, Nathan Hale

Frontiersmen/explorers: Boone, Crockett, Carson, Jedediah Smith, Bridger, and Lewis and Clark

Texas heroes: Houston, Austin, Bowie and Crockett (Davy’s on here twice)

Soldiers: Andrew Jackson, Stonewall Jackson, Ulysses Grant, Robert E. Lee, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Patton, McArthur, Audie Murphy, Powell, Schwarzkopf, and Tommy Franks.

Bible characters: David, Hezekiah, Elijah, Daniel, Peter, Paul, and, of course, Jesus

Writers: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien

Human rights activists: Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Elie Wiesel, Lech Walesa, and Pope John Paul II.

Fictional heroes in literature: All the kings and queens of Narnia, as well as several of the talking beasts – Lucy and Reep are my favs.

And there are many, many more – including contemporary people and folks close to home.

OK, I know my list is sexist and ethnocentric, but it is MY list. 🙂

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