The Amarillo Gold Sox, Spring Thunderstorms, and My Brother Craig

My brother Craig comes today. Will fly in from Phoenix on the way back to his home in Omaha. Is making the trip to see our dad who is in the hospital in Lubbock.

Is ironic that Craig’s visit comes in May. For this time of year holds some of the best memories I have of my older brother.

I’m the youngest of three boys, and, Craig – who is two years my senior – and I shared a bedroom in our elementary and junior high years. Where we would lie awake at night listening to Dick Risenhoover call the play by play for the Amarillo Gold Sox. Some of the players would one day be major leaguers (like 3rd baseman Doug Rader, who earned five golden glove awards with the Houston Astros).

And Risenhoover went on to become the first voice of the Texas Rangers.

So, most May nights, Craig and I would listen to the games on KGNC 710 in Amarillo, where they would often be interrupted by ominous severe weather announcements, a common part of spring in the Texas Panhandle.

But we weren’t afraid. We were snug in our beds, in a home with a storm shelter to protect us and parents to love us. And it doesn’t get much better than that.

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