Eyes to See

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Got books ready to mail last night, 10 of them. Also, finished grading portfolios for creative writing students. Read some exceptional work. First snow of the season yesterday. Melted almost as soon as it hit, but still loved it. After church, came home, built a fire and watched football. Oh, and took the compulsory Sunday […]

Cognitive Dissonance

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Yesterday I told Charlotte I didn’t want to be like the protagonist in Hans Christian Anderson’s The Emperor’s New Clothes. “I don’t want to do something embarrassing,” I told her, “and not know that it’s embarrassing.” Of course, I was referring to my novelette where I own up to specific failures. She looked at me […]

The Friends of My Friends

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I’ve been telling people. The test of success is not whether my friends buy my book. Not even whether they buy it for friends. It’s what friends of my friends do that counts. Recently, got an online order from one of them. Ordered seven books. WhooHoo! Saw Blind Side with Sandra Bullock yesterday. Such a […]

The Plot Thickens

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Good food and good times with family yesterday, but I’m already behind with the holiday project: reading portfolios for creative writing students. Won’t be easy. Have more family in today and again on Saturday. We are the sandwiched generation; aren’t we? Aging parents on one side, kids and grandkids on the other. There’s pleasure there, […]

A Thanksgiving Story

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Why do we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November? Abraham Lincoln declared it a holiday in his famous Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1863. But who put Lincoln up to it? Read her story on Bestyears.com and Happy Thanksgiving!

On Mentors

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Dictionary.com defines a mentor as “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher, an influential senior sponsor or supporter.” As a young man I longed for mentors, and I had several good ones: John Staat, Jay O’Keefe, Dick Brooks, Clyde Gassaway, my own dad. Also remember times when I wanted one, but the one I wanted […]

When My Writing Gets Taken Over

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Have sold more books in the last two weeks than in the previous three months. Exciting. Also, hired a publicist today. Has just the skills we wanted, AND is enthusiastic about the book’s message. Couldn’t ask for more. Am thinking about a virtual book signing. Would originate in Amarillo or Canyon and go via web […]

Another Encouraging Sunday

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Lots of encouragement yesterday. The Searchers Class reminded me that one can’t do everything, that, while hard work is good, overwork is not, that it’s a wise thing to recruit others to do what we can’t, which is something I’m considering doing in hiring a publicist. Lunched at Tacos Garcia with Larry and Amy. Thank […]

I Cannot Not Write

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“I think writing is a curse.” The words came from a guest speaker, a multi-published author, in my creative writing class. A student had asked if he found writing fun. The man’s point was that, for him, writing was an addiction. He found it impossible not to write. And sometimes that interfered with the rest […]

An Oasis in the Desert

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Received the following from B, a former student with whom I recently reconnected on FB: “I’m excited. I’m genuinely excited! My mind is going all over the place. I want to share your book with others. With many others. I just came up with something as I type this note. “This is my idea: I’m […]