Breaking the Drought

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No, I’m not writing about recent rains in the Texas Panhandle. I’m referring to last weekend’s Frontiers in Writing Conference directed by my friend and colleague at Amarillo College, Frank Sobey. With only a shoestring budget, Frank was able to bring in first-rate speakers who both informed and inspired us. For me, it was heavy […]

Making a Video

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I’m 61, and this was my first video. Which is why I was so surprised by – well, almost everything. Including length. Tim the video guy (who’s a genius) said we needed to keep it short, and I agreed. So I felt proud when I whittled down my 17 minute script (every word necessary, mind […]

On Thunderstorms

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Wrote this entry late yesterday afternoon while sitting on the back porch, watching a thunderstorm try to form around us. I loveĀ  thunder and lightening – although the latter can be scary when alone on the flat prairie or above timberline in the Rockies. Mountain thunderstorms are my favorite. Last summer we saw several, one […]

To My Friends

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Last Sunday was the first day of summer camp at Hidden Falls Ranch. And 45 years after my first day there, it seems the place still controls my life. My concept of God – a loving redeemer who longs to have a relationship with His people, my purpose in life – to bring hope to […]

On Sunrises

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What is it about a sunrise that gives me hope? Saw one today coming to work. The rich reds and purples, mixed with pastel pinks, seemed painted on the underside of white, wispy clouds, all set against a clear blue Texas Panhandle sky. Doesn’t get much prettier. But it’s not the beauty that fans my […]

We Are Three, Or Are We?

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We are three. That’s what I thought last Monday as Craig and I drove home from Lubbock, and my brother said the obvious. “Both Mom and Dad are gone. We have no parents.” Made me wonder what it would feel like to be back in the house on Holman Lane. We were six then. A […]