Happy 40th, Janet

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You were our firstborn, which is enough in itself to make you special. But there is much more. From day one you were engaging, even captivating. Strangers thought you could read at three. They didn’t know about your incredible memory. Plus, your ability, even then, to sell an audience. Sometimes it got you and us […]

He Has My Back

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“Ray, you don’t look like you belong on a bicycle; you look like you belong on a horse.” The words belonged to my cousin Sheryl, at whose El Paso house my friend and I were staying on the eve of a 400-mile bicycle relay. Sheryl was right. Ray’s large frame, combined with an equally large […]


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Alpenglow. It’s the reddish, sometimes pinkish hue one sees surrounding mountain summits just before or after sunrise. There’s a technical reason for it – has to do with light reflecting off water particles in the atmosphere. But when you first see it, you don’t think about science. At least, I didn’t. I thought of the […]

Knowledge Is Power

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At 26, Mark Zukerberg, cofounder of Facebook, is the world’s youngest billionaire. And – I’ll soon tell my students – the knowledge that will produce the next Zukerberg or Bach or Grisham or Einstein is out there, just waiting to be discovered. It’s not a new thought. Francis Bacon first said that knowledge is power. […]


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Misunderstood. Can’t think of a more frustrating feeling. I know; I felt it last week. Was a little thing, really. I made a promise but couldn’t keep it because of an unforeseen obstacle, one I couldn’t talk about. Which may lie at the heart of most misunderstandings – information one can’t or won’t share. Dictionary.com […]

Give Me This Mountain

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Summitted Elbert yesterday, at 8:30 a.m. Colorado time – 3 and 1/2 hours after leaving the trailhead. Was 15 minutes behind son Jon, 10 minutes behind Doug, but I made it. Wasn’t easy. For the first time, I struggled with altitude sickness. Fought back nausea the last mile or so. Knew if I got sick […]

An Attempt on Mt. Elbert

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Mt. Elbert. At 14,433 feet, it’s the highest peak in Colorado, the second highest in the lower 48, and I plan to climb it Saturday morning. Well, not exactly climb. Hike. Real mountaineers call it a “walk-up.” Folks who scale peaks over 20,000 feet talk that way. But for one who gets lightheaded at 14K, […]