A Tale of Two Photos

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As I write these words, I have two photos before me. In the first (left), I was 41; in the second, 61. The first I used 20 years ago when I wrote my first book and first columns. The second I used for my recent novelette and for these blogs. Despite the smile, the man […]


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Found myself unable to turn off the TV Tuesday and Wednesday. Because I wanted to watch every Chilean miner take his first step of freedom. Couldn’t tear myself away from reading the relief, gratitude and pride on each man’s face, intense emotions, matched only by the unrestrained joy of the relative offering a first hug. […]

When the Darkness Is Too Thick

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Making things sound too easy. We teachers (OK, this teacher) are/is often guilty. Because principles are easy enough to explain but hard to implement. Case in point: yesterday’s blog entry. Reading it, one would think I seldom struggle with hopelessness. I wish. Way too often I find myself in what John Bunyan (Pilgrim’s Progress) called […]

What Brings Hope

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Hope isn’t fairy dust. It’s not something God sprinkles on us, and, suddenly, the future we imagined materializes. Not with me, anyway. Hope is just the first step. Something happens that gets me to believe what I hope could happen, maybe will happen, which leads to action on my part, which leads to progress on, […]


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Hope. Realized today it’s what my students need most. Come to think of it, it’s what their teacher needs most, too. Hope that our efforts aren’t wasted. Hope for the future. Hope for our dreams. Funny, though the Bible lists hope with faith and love as the abiding virtues (I Corinthians 13), one hears dozens […]