Bloggers’ Block

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For the first 218 days of this blog (September 2, 2009-April 12, 2010) I wrote something every day. Every day. No longer. The first time (April 13) I missed on purpose. Needed to reign in my obsessive compulsiveness. But now? Now I want to write. Need to write. And can’t Call it Bloggers’ Block. Suggestions? […]

Top 10 Burger Joints in Amarillo

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10—Buns over Texas Where else do you hear “Mike, your buns are up.” 9—Huds The only fast food burger on my list: greasy and great.  8—Logans’ Peanuts on the tables and a one-half pound, flame-broiled patty to die for.  7—English Field (Amarillo airport) Watch planes take off and enjoy their avocado burger.  6—Coyote Bluff Featured […]

In Praise of Donkeys

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Charlotte and I once owned the largest donkey herd in the Texas Panhandle. Yep, donkey. That ancient beast of burden known for pulling carts in the Middle East or packing supplies for mining prospectors in the Old West. We bought them (16, once the pregnant jennies gave birth) in 1979 to haul children in and […]