My Midlife Career Change

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I had spent 25 years in Christian work, in summer camps and churches. Which is why, nearly 18 years ago now, I had butterflies in my stomach. I hoped the new vocation would offer some of the good things of my old oneā€”like opportunities to get close to people, to encourage, challenge and help them […]

Confessions of a List Checker

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Research papers graded. Check. Conference brochure to printer. Check. Manuscript revised. Check. I’m a checker. Every day has a to-do list, and nothing gives me more pleasure than checking stuff off. Meet with publishing partner. Check. Taxes to accountant. Check. Lit quizzes graded. Check. Guess it’s a good habit. I’d be lazy and unorganized without […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Birthdays. They are like one’s private 4th of July, or, even better, Christmas. Birthdays are the one day when all the celebrating is about you, all the presents are for you, and you don’t have to feel guilty. How neat is that? Childhood birthdays are the best; at least, they were for me. I think […]