I’ll Wear His Hat

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This Thursday, when I join my buddies for a four-day horseback ride in New Mexico’s Pecos Wilderness, I will wear his hat. It seems only fitting. For Roy knew horses the way I know books; he handled them every day. They were both his work and his pleasure. You see Roy was born in 1904, […]

Vacation Starts Tomorrow

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As a child, my family took vacations every summer. Was never a question about where we would go. Our car always headed west, to the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. Which is where Charlotte and I will travel tomorrow—for three nights in Santa Fe and four in Ouray, Colorado. Like a hot shower after […]

Keeping the Grandkids: Day Two

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Discovered two great allies in keeping small grandkids: older cousins and happy meals. Yes, the granddaughters who saved Christmas also helped save my trip to Conner Park with three-year-old Jack. No one does better getting a little boy to try out the slide than cousins, especially older cousins, especially older female cousins, especially cute, older, […]

Keeping the Grandkids: Day One

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So we’re keeping Joni’s boys (ages three years and six months) for three days. Here’s what I’ve learned so far. Children’s stories are not what they used to be. Last night Mimi read The Three Little Wolves and Big Bad Pig. OK, so the house of bricks falls (to dynamite, what else) as does the […]

Tribute to a Yard Guy

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The man killed in the Canyon fire a week ago was not only a friend. Bart Thetford was my yard guy. Which is why I haven’t mowed in a week. Don’t want anyone but Bart to touch it. You see, yard guys are to men what hair dressers are to women. Good ones are hard […]