On Stuff and Time

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I need a personal assistant. Scratch that. I need several personal assistants. Just read an article on solitude and leadership by William Deresiewicz. In a speech to the cadets at West Point, this Yale professor bemoans the fact that modern leaders are so busy they have little time for necessary things, things that build great […]

More on Pecos

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Roy would have chuckled at the thought. Roy who was born in a dugout on the Palo Duro, who as a child didn’t have electricity or running water in his home, who rode a horse because it was the only means of transportation available. The very idea: Four grown men traveling horseback in rugged mountain […]

No City Slicker

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Maybe I shouldn’t have identified myself as an English teacher. I’m referring to our guides on the Pecos trip. First, they tell me my horse is the one they put six-year-olds on. Then, I’m told I can’t adjust the stirrups or tighten the cinch myself. Finally, I’m asked to stand on a stump to mount. […]

The Skyline Trail

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Averaging over 11,000 feet high and running for over 60 miles, the Skyline Trail is the longest in the Pecos Wilderness. We rode the 10-mile north section from Truchas Peaks (one of which I climbed) to Cebolla Park. To the east we could see the abrupt drop to the plains of eastern New Mexico. To […]