Seduced by a Train Whistle

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Train whistles. I suppose to most people they’re a warning. To me, they’re a calling. That is, ever since I was a boy, the sound of a train whistle has beckoned me. But it’s stronger than that. Think of Odysseus who had his men tie him to the ship’s mast so he wouldn’t follow the […]

Colorado in My Backyard

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Been looking for a new pump to power my waterfall. You see, about 10 years ago, I decided that, since I couldn’t live in Colorado, I’d bring Colorado to live here—in the backyard. So I got three rather large rocks (each weighed over a ton) and positioned them over a pond to get just the […]

To Don

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Don Cox was my friend. Was. I hate that word. You see, Don died this week—accidentally, unexpectedly, way too soon for all who knew him. Some people have something about them that makes you feel like old friends the first time you meet. Don had that something. Having lived most of his life working in […]