She Meant Business

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Aunt Renna Beth died last night. She was the last living child of Renna and Dick Bellah. Was fitting for her to go after the others. For though neither male nor oldest, she was the leader of her siblings. Certainly, she was toughest, a word Dad used to describe his older sister’s athletic exploits in […]


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They called them “Mike-Hikes.” As a program director and, then, Director of Hidden Falls Ranch (on and off from 1967-1980), I used to enjoy leading the whole camp—as many as 100 campers and staff—on forays into the Palo Duro. I tried to make our journeys adventurous—meaning seldom (some said “never”) traveled trails, and challenging—meaning one […]

Back to Hidden Falls Ranch

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Will return to Hidden Falls Ranch next weekend. Not as the teenage wrangler who helped round up a couple of dozen horses most summer mornings during the mid to late 1960s. Nor as the 31-year-old Camp Director who presided over a gifted and dedicated staff in 1980. I’ll return as a 60-something-year old professor in […]