Bellah Brothers Reunion Trip: Three

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Can you imagine how Rip Van Winkle felt after his long nap? I thought about Irving’s protagonist today after visiting Red River with Bob and Craig. In the early ‘60s my dad bought a small grocery-store-ski-rental shop and a jeep touring company in Red River. Then, he sent Bob up to run the store and […]

Bellah Brothers Reunion Trip: Two

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I’m not going to name names, but one of us snores. Loudly. Not as though I didn’t plan ahead—Pandora on the smart phone and earphones. Tomorrow, I’ll buy bigger earphones. Had some of Santa Fe’s best Mexican fare tonight. Tomasita’s in the Depot District. A lady in line (a lengthy one by the way) said […]

Bellah Brother Reunion Trip: One

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The three of us haven’t taken a road trip together in over 50 years—since Craig (then 15) and I (13) traveled to see our brother Bobby (19) at his summer job in Arizona. Bob, who was working as a tour guide at Grand Canyon Caverns near Kingman, had invited us to see the caves and […]