Welcome to the Journey

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When I climb Wheeler Peak (as I have every summer in recent years), I experience two emotional highs. The first comes when I see the mountains; I guess it’s the memories of adventures-past and the thrill of once again pitting myself against the peak. The second follows, after the summit, when I’m overcome with a […]

Ghosts of Graduations Past

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I will see ghosts tomorrow night. Commencement is my favorite event of the school year. I love the pageantry—the college band playing Pomp and Circumstance, the choir, the regalia (royal blue stripes on my gown’s sleeves and a flaming red hood courtesy of Texas Tech). My favorite part is the processional, where faculty line the […]

Letting Go (2016)

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I wrote on the subject before. It was nearly 30 years ago, shortly after our eldest child left home. I said that while letting go was not easy, it was necessary. Children won’t stay young forever and treating them as such helps neither them nor us. And I said that letting go leads to gain […]