Tips for the Fireplace

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Char and I drove to Clovis, NM this weekend to get our yearly half-cord of firewood.

I burn real wood in my fireplace. No gas logs for me, certainly none of those paper-wrapped “fire-logs.” Sorry, Duraflame, but I say zero heat and zero atmosphere.

In our teens, my brother Craig and I owned a firewood lot. Sold oak and piñon for $40 a cord. Yep, inflation hit the wood business.

I have friends who say they’ve tried real logs, but just can’t get them to burn. Not to worry. Here are Mike’s three tips to successful fires:

  1. Use well-seasoned wood. That’s why, despite the 90-mile drive, we go to David’s. Enough said.
  2. Leave several inches of ash in the fireplace. Provides a good bed for those hot coals.
  3. Use enough wood. 1 log—don’t even think about it; 3 logs—won’t burn;  4 logs—might burn; 5 logs—will burn (I  put three lengthwise on the bottom and cross with two on top).

So get the real stuff this year and enjoy one of the best pleasures of colder weather.

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