Hooked on FaceBook

My evening started with a meal at our favorite TexMex place. It’s about a 30 minute drive, and, before we left, I posted a status update on FB that read as follows:

“Headin’ to Tacos Garcia: Naked rellenos, ground beef, covered with queso. Lots of chips and salsa first. Oh, and a margarita for Charlotte.”

When the phone rang as we were ordering, I knew we were in trouble. It was my oldest son Jon (also a FB friend) who wanted to know why he wasn’t invited. He wasn’t the only FBer who responded. Here are some examples of the 11 comments that have been left for me so far tonight:

Middle son, Josh: “Oh,ur not rubbn it in!”
Daughter-in-law, Jennifer: “Aww! You’re killing me Mike!”
A friend, Karla: “I’m Jealous!”
Kryn: “oh I so know where I am eating first in the states!!!!!!!!
Kryn’s dad, my cousin Stan: “It’s my birthday!!!!!:(:(“

Josh is a long distance trucker and out on the road somewhere in Kansas. Jennifer is in Huntsville, Texas. Kryn is at an Army base in Germany; another responder was in Bangladesh.

Here’s my point: I’m hooked on FB.

Where else can you keep up with friends and family all over the world? And, despite what I’ve heard from critics (mostly preachers, unfortunately), it’s not all frivalous banter.

In response to a couple of quotes I posted this week–one by C.S. Lewis, another by Pastor Steve Brown–I participated in one of the deepest conversations I’ve had in a long time: about human frailty and the nature of the Christian’s struggle with sin. 

It was more than a monologue. A half dozen people wrote about a perfectionism that can/does cause those we love to commit suicide, about what the Bible teaches about God’s grace and our need to encourage and comfort those who struggle.

Wasn’t just theory either; these people were encouraging and comforting each other.

Well, I didn’t plan to write a commercial tonight, but looks like I did–and a long one at that.

So if you’re not on FB, give it a try. Go to www.facebook.com and sign up. And, after you do, be sure to request me as a friend. If nothing else, you’ll discover some good restaurants 😉

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  1. Please continue to post quotes from C.S. Lewis and others because I have students and family that will read this when they look at my wall. It is the best way to spread the word without preaching. If anything, you are planting many seeds all over the world.

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