We Are Three, Or Are We?

We are three.

That’s what I thought last Monday as Craig and I drove home from Lubbock, and my brother said the obvious. “Both Mom and Dad are gone. We have no parents.”

Made me wonder what it would feel like to be back in the house on Holman Lane.

We were six then. A big family, even in a day of big families. Certainly, that house would feel empty without Mom, Dad and our sister, D’Lynne.

Then, I thought of the obituary I would write for the newspaper. Besides my two brothers, there are two step-daughters, 14 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. Add all the spouses and our family certainly has not shrunk.

Yes, death has hurt us. We look forward to glorious reunions in heaven. But we are not three. It’s more like 53.

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