Making a Video

I’m 61, and this was my first video.

Which is why I was so surprised by – well, almost everything. Including length. Tim the video guy (who’s a genius) said we needed to keep it short, and I agreed. So I felt proud when I whittled down my 17 minute script (every word necessary, mind you) to 12.

Tim said, “Let’s do the first two minutes. It’ll work perfectly.” I smiled politely but skeptically.

How can you say anything in two minutes? Besides, we were going to travel all the way to Hidden Falls Ranch, arrive before sunrise, and tape. For what? 15 minutes?

Did I say this was my first video?

Taping took maybe two and one-half hours. Tim would have stayed longer, but I was cold, tired, and, frankly, didn’t care if I ever sold another book. 🙂

Would you believe a dozen or so takes for every two lines? I’m not kidding.

We barely got there by sunrise; skies were absolutely clear for that; then came clouds and wind and cold. Ask Charlotte. She’s the one you can’t see, off camera holding my cue cards.

But the result was more than I ever imagined. Did I tell you Tim is a genius?

But you be the judge. Here’s the video promo for I Saw Jesus this Morning.

Be sure to scroll down to see the credits. Thank you Tim and Pam.

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