You Can Get There from Here

You can get there from here. It’s what I’ve decided to tell my writing students frequently, maybe daily.

What I mean is they all come to me (and to Amarillo College) with a dream.

Many are trapped in seemingly hopeless circumstances: like living in the kind of poverty where they have a hard time making it from paycheck to paycheck, or they are recovering from a drug addiction and its consequences (sometimes, extended jail time), or trying to pick up the pieces from an unexpected life event (divorce, teenage pregnancy, an accident or serious illness, job loss and/or financial reversal).

And school offers hope; maybe their only hope.

I should know. At 45, I was in their shoes.

So I want to offer daily encouragement. Life can be better. Much better. You can accomplish that dream.

And—you can get there from here.

One thought on “You Can Get There from Here

  1. I enjoyed the meeting yesterday. Being around you, Doug and Billy makes me a better man. Since accepting Christ on more than one occasion I thought He was trying to tell me something but using other people as a conduit. Your book affirmed that premise to me.

    Your blog reminds me why I teach. Of course, my students don’t have the challenges yours have, but they do have challenges. And when we are alone, I share the message about my friend Jesus. What do I tell them? How about, “You can get there with Him.”

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