Vacation Starts Tomorrow

As a child, my family took vacations every summer. Was never a question about where we would go. Our car always headed west, to the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado.

Which is where Charlotte and I will travel tomorrow—for three nights in Santa Fe and four in Ouray, Colorado.

Like a hot shower after a hard bicycle ride or an overdue visit with a good friend, the mountains refresh, relax and renew me. At least they provide the atmosphere where those things can happen.

This summer has been a hard one. Started with foot surgery and a long recovery for Charlotte. She’d say it was nothing—others go through much more—and she’d be right, but it was nonetheless painful and limiting and frustrating.

Then, because of school and writing projects, my work didn’t end in early July like it usually does. So I haven’t had time for extended reading, adventures and just hanging out the way I like to do in the second half of summer.

More significantly, we lost two good friends this summer, and this drought won’t go away. And—you get the picture.

“I will lift up my eyes to the mountains,” wrote the psalmist. “From where shall my help come?”

He found the answer. Hope I do, too.

2 thoughts on “Vacation Starts Tomorrow

  1. I share your love of the mountains Dr. Bellah and here I am 650 miles further away. But I won’t be here forever and someday I hope to make my home above the 6000′ level. Hope your trip is enjoyable and renews you.

    Greetings from the bayou country.


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