Fun Retirement Jobs

Instead of “easing into a ‘leisure only’ stage,” author Robin Ryan wants retirees to move to a “new fun job and leisure stage.” “Retirement,” she says, “is not an extended vacation.” You need to “retire to something.”

I like that, especially the “fun job” part. And the best thing about Ryan’s book is she gives plenty of examples of what that might look like: “more than 200 ways,” the book claims, “to find joy in retirement.”

If you’ve read The Best Is Yet To Be, Retirement Reinvention by Robin Ryan is a perfect follow-up. I show how to identify dreams and she shows how to turn them into a productive (“fun”) job.

Here’s my favorite line from Ryan: “Obviously your financial situation may dictate how you pursue your dreams, but you can make almost any lifestyle work with good research, ingenuity, and planning.”


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