Share the Hope!

If you’re finding hope through my words, please know that I first found the same through the words of others.

Which is why I’m asking your help to share hope with new readers. Here’s how:

  1. Write a review on Amazon. Rate my book and share a line or two about how it is helping you (believe me; 100s will read your words).
  2. Tell friends about this blog. If you’re on Facebook, you can share individual links.
  3. Participate in giveaways. Beginning in February 2020, I’ll offer ebook giveaway days on Amazon when you’ll be able to send books free to friends via email.
  4. Share your own story. You can do it now through replies to my posts; later I hope to develop a forum just for reader stories.

Thanks in advance for your help (I can say this because I already know I have the best readers anywhere!)

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