What a Shipwreck Taught Me about Retirement: Part III


Captain Musgrave believed that routine was important for morale. Thus, he had everyone rise daily with the cook at 6:00 a.m. The early time was important not only for psychological reasons; it took a lot of wood to keep the cabin heated—they kept the blaze going night and day—so the earlier the start, the better.

Also, the routine included weekly baths (for obvious reasons) and hunting trips, mostly for sea lions, which they clubbed to death to save scarce bullets. The men established a school for the long evenings, which, taking advantage of their various nationalities, consisted mostly of reading and writing lessons—Portuguese, Norwegian, French and English. On Sundays there was prayer and Bible study (Captain Musgrave was a man of deep faith).

Establishing a routine is a challenge for retirees in the best of times, and it was doubly difficult during the pandemic. But, eventually, we fell into one, which looked suspiciously like the old one, only the activities might occur at a different location or with a smaller group of people.

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