More about Dreams

“Life isn’t about living your dreams,” said the TV preacher. “It’s about living God’s plan.”  Maybe, I thought to myself. Or maybe not.

Maybe our dreams are God’s plan.

Maybe God is the giver of dreams. And don’t get too religious on me. I’m talking about dreams of traveling or cooking or writing or building or singing or painting or (the list is long).

Maybe what we hope for in our heart of hearts is what God desires for us in his heart of hearts.

And maybe fulfillment (at any age) is when “our deepest desires and God’s deepest desires join together” (a Catholic priest said that).

That’s why I talk so much about dreams on this blog. Identifying yours may be the most important thing you will do in retirement.

And just in case you need help with that, I know of a book.

Just sayin’.

On Amazon.

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