My OCD Side

For those of you who think I’m a free spirit who loves to do spontaneous things – and I am – I’m about to reveal my obsessive-compulsive side.

I love my Day-Timer. Been using one for nearly 30 years, and I can’t – CAN’T – live without it. Seriously. When I’m driving, it has to be within reach, or at least in sight, or it’s panic time.

Why? Because those little books have my life in them. I live by the To-Do list. Start each month, each week, each day with one. Nothing I love better than crossing things off. I’m talking major endorphin rushes here.

Am writing about this because my 2010 Day-Timers just arrived yesterday. Which means I was without new pages for eight days. EIGHT DAYS!

You see my kids had been after me to go paperless, and, since I got an I-Phone last fall, I decided to give it a try. So didn’t order new Day-Timers in November.

Big mistake. I’ve been noticeably irritable ever since.

Until yesterday. But, like Linus, I now have my blankie. And all is well with the world. 🙂

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