Udo Middlemann

My friend Udo Middlemann is in town today. Has come all the way from Switzerland via a stint in New York City.

Udo, who has advanced degrees in law and theology, is maybe the brightest guy I know. Certainly, he’s the most perceptive. Comes by it naturally; he’s Francis Schaeffer’s son-in-law.

What I like best about Udo and his wife Debby is their spiritual and intellectual honesty, that and their willingness to challenge status quo, “Christian” thinking. Like the idea that everything that happens on earth is God’s will, exactly what he planned and, therefore, a good thing, however bad it may look.

It’s the kind of thinking that led televangelist Pat Robertson to declare the earthquake in Haiti a judgment from God. Udo will refute that, will show that all is not right with the world, and that God calls us, not to accept, but to do battle with things like disease and poverty and hatred and ignorance, even, especially, if that ignorance concerns biblical teaching.

Wish all of you could hear him, but then you can, sort of. Go to amazon.com and get Udo’s book. It’s called The Innocence of God.

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