Thunder and Discussion

The sounds of spirited, engaging discussion, and rolling, rumbling thunder. I heard each last night. The first during Udo’s last session at the Saddoris home, and the second as I drifted off to sleep some hours later.

Both are favorite sounds, sounds I can’t seem to hear enough; both leave me smiling. Because thunder means rain, and rain means new, fresh growing things in the spring, which is an apt metaphor for good discussion. Because new ideas, born and refined in spirited debate, also can bring growth. These will.

Because they were ideas about God, mined with rigorous and careful study from God’s own Word, ideas about the kind of God He is: loving, good, fair. A God who doesn’t cause every bad thing in the world, but rather fights against them, who wants us to fight them, too.

Thanks, Udo, for the reminder.

And I’m looking forward to that discussion sound in Searchers’ class this morning. 🙂

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