Is it just me? Or is life moving faster than it once did? Way faster.

Sometimes I look at a calendar or a grandchild, and I wonder who pushed the fast forward button. And what bothers me most is the fear that I’m contributing to the dilemma.

You see, I think hurry can be a good thing if it is followed by rest. As in hurry and clean the office so you can take a long walk or read a chapter of a good book or have some extended conversation with a loved one.

But most of my hurry is followed by more hurry. If I get finished early with my to-do list, I just add more to-dos.

My son, who is much wiser on the subject than I, told me recently that he figures if God rested one day in seven, most of us will need much more than that.

Hmm. Think I’ll hurry with this blog and share some prayer time with Charlotte this morning.

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