The Tryanny of the Many: Part Two

But what about the person who can’t get by without “the many”? Sure, it’s nice to sell one car, but selling only one per month won’t put food on the table for an automobile salesman’s family.

And writers can’t get by with just one chapter; nor will they stay in print for long by selling only a few books. These were my thoughts after rereading my last blog.

In the end, some of us – maybe most of us – will need big things as well as small ones. After all, the same Jesus, who talked about pursuing one lost sheep, fed 5,000 hungry men (plus their wives and children) in a single day. He had to; one meal was not enough.

Or was it? For Jesus fed all those people with one small sack lunch from one small child. Hmm. Maybe, that’s how all this fits together. At times, we will need big things to survive, but most big things come from small things.

So we’re back to my original premise. Don’t minimize small successes.

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