A Personal Encourager

Forget the personal trainer; what I need is a personal encourager.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive that call every morning? From someone whose whole job was to encourage you? Someone who would remind you of the God who loves you dearly, in spite of your sins? Someone to tell you why you shouldn’t give up, why you can succeed in those life situations that seem so hopeless? 

Dream on. Even if we could find such a person, we couldn’t afford him. Right?

Maybe we could; maybe we are.

In I Samuel 30, David and his army returned to their home base to find it overrun by the enemy. Worse still, the invaders had taken captive the men’s wives and children. There was talk of mutiny. Some wanted to stone Israel’s anointed one.

“But David encouraged himself in the Lord his God,” says the text (I Samuel 30:6).

Of course, we need the encouragement of others. But sometimes those people are not to be found, or they’ve temporarily switched sides (David’s friends).

On such occasions, it seems God wants us to encourage ourselves, and don’t miss the last part of the verse: “in the Lord his God.” We know all the verses, all the promises God gives to us in the Bible that comfort and encourage. Sometimes, it seems, we need to speak those words, not to others, but to ourselves.

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