Small Successes

Was reading about Don Miller, the author of Blue Like Jazz who, just a couple of years after writing his bestseller, went into a funk because he couldn’t seem to write another.

I’m reminding myself of this as I struggle with my own slow and small successes with the novelette. If one only feels happy when he writes a bestseller, one which continues to be a bestseller, it seems few authors, even moderately successful ones, will be happy for much of their lives. Sad. Huh?


3 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. I totally identify. I want to learn to be happy in my daily life – seeing the small good and enjoying it. Dan is good at this – me… not so much. I only want the small things. I want to develop the next Noble Peace prize – and win it, of course- without blowing up my brother ialong the way. Is that too much to ask of life (yes!)

    Unrealistic expectaions are not good for me. Learning to see the progress in our lives is good for me.

  2. Kathy,
    I remember a guy writing that it wasn’t so much that he feared not being good, but not being good enough, not being the best, the star, the winner. Knowing you, I realize we both had successful dads who were looked up to as much better than average. A good thing, I guess, but maybe that kind of pressure also makes us perfectionists who can’t be satisfied with good, even very good, if it’s not better than everyone else. And that’s not a goal I want to seek.

  3. I have to keep beating that into my head. When your dad goes from radiator man to literally the best eye surgeon in the country… where do you go from there. I’ve had alot more advantages… and then I haven’t become king of the world – I don’t even Want to be king – cause you have to tell people what to do. yuck!

    I’ve also seen that to a great extent, God put my dad in the right place at the right time with the right people around him. He has been careully cared for by God in soo many ways.

    So, for me, my goal is to wake up and say.,”OK, God, what do you want me to do today?” It really clears out the unrealistic expectations that creep in.

    (Also Dan helps me go for -Just Normal. He points out the lives of the accomplished don’t really have what my heart desires the most – family, good relationships, sanity, rest, laughter, fun and the ability to take a walk and really enjoy the view. These are the things that make life sweet.)

    Thanks for this venue… makes me think – works on my walk

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